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“In many peripheral countries, objects are not produced with heavy industries or new technologies, but by pure craftsmanship. It’s the gift of doing things by hand that still manages to give a soul to these objects.


Energy, numen, aura: objects have souls or what anthropologists call maná. An anonymous force that gives them life and makes them special. This energy – hidden strength, heath, power – lies in the air and comes down on people and things. Light and divine sparks that make them shine in a special way and stand out in our material universe, managing to create magic in everyday life.


Many of these objects take care of us and empower us, like talismans. Thanks to the energy and dedication that were put into their making and the trust we feel in their powers, they satisfy their most important aim, which is to protect us. Other objects do it through their beauty, akin to their usefulness, with the energy imprinted, once again, by the artisan’s hands. Craft men and women are artists who base their work on three pillars: mind, body and heart. Always, the charmed pieces and crafted objects they produce give out that special aura that make us want them to be part of our daily life, bearing us company and sharing their power with us: that’s were they special gift resides.


Thus, by paying attention and understanding the magic embedded in the material world – in the never-ending amount of things and artifacts that surround us – we can re-enchant our daily lives.”

– Luján Cambariere, “The Soul of Objects”

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